Wild Beauty, Warm Hospitality...

At Bush Life Travel, we’re unapologetic about our love of the African Bush – and the southern border of Kruger National Park in particular.  It is a place of  sunshine and smiles, incredible wildlife, untamed bushveld, mountains, cultural diversity and open-hearted hospitality. At Bush Life Travel, we’ve made it our mission to share all of that (and more) with YOU.

For starters, nestled in the sweet wild heart of Marloth Park, next to the world famous Kruger National Park, you’ll find Bush Life Travel’s  select bouquet of luxury self-catering houses. Each one is a magical place in the wild where you can embrace the wild African Safari experience without compromising on luxury.

Our discerning guests from around the world will tell you that this is a peaceful haven, where you can escape from life’s chaos. They’ll tell you that this is a place that is so special, that you can immerse yourself in nature in ways that most people can only dream of.

Here, you will find fresh air, sunshine, wild, beautiful spaces and wildlife in your garden!

This is the place to find the silence you need to hear your own heart, spend quality time with your favorite people, and just relax in beautifully designed houses and leisure areas, on days when you aren’t on safari adventures in neighboring Kruger Park… All these special experiences are at the heart of the BushLife Travel vision

Luxury self-catering at its wild best.

What our guests will also tell you, is that the carefully curated BushLife Travel accommodations are places that are very hard to leave! So, our advice is to stay as long as you can – with days for BushLife Travel adventures, and days for just relaxing in your pool and soaking up the delight of surprise visits from the local wild ones. But, however long you decide to stay, we hope to welcome you to one of the world’s best-loved wildlife destinations soon!